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Digital Products designed with NFP's, for NFP's
  • Donation Management

    Simplfy donation management with cashless donations for the NFP's.

    TapTins is a proven donation management platform, offering a range of instore, volunteer held and digital donation solutions. Control your campaigns, eye-catching interactive screens, customisable donation amounts, capture contact information for followup. TapTins integrates with &me to empower volunteers, BabbleSnap for training of volunteers and Cardinal ID to ensure you have ID verified each volunteer before they are field ready.

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  • Volunteer Management

    Simplify volunteering with digital volunteer management for NFP's.

    &me offers a comprehensive Volunteer Management solution. Capturing volunteers data digitally to ditch the spreadsheets, email address and physical address verification. Volunteers can get started on training and identity verification while awaiting your approval. Volunteers can identify activites that suit their schedule and register. You will receive reports of their activities (including GPS locations, time of arrival and departure). A holistic, digital volunteering experience.

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  • Identity Compliance

    Identity Compliance, Verification, Validation Services.

    Cardinal ID offers a wide range of services via API integration, allowing you to control the user experience. Identity Verification, Working with Childrens Checks, Address Verification, GeoCoding and Reverse Geocoding Addresses, ABN/ACN Verification and ACNC Verification. The native integration with &me ensures activies which require higher levels of volunteer due dilligence can only be performed by those with current, verified identification. Cardinal ID's offerings serve NFP and Enterprise clients.

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  • Digital Learning

    Digital mobile learning solutions for distributed learning.

    BabbleSnap offers a fully digital, mobile friendly learning environment. Proven in the corporates, mining and RTO sectors. The native integration into &me ensures volunteers can undergo digital inductions or specialist training before performing certain activities. Designing the content is simple and intuitive, or we can take care of for you. With comprehensive API's it is highly extensible. BabbleSnaps offerings serve NFP and Enterprise clients.

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Integrated Solutions

Our mission is to be the partner of choice in the NFP sector for solutions in volunteer management, donation managmeent, compliance and digital training. Our vision is to drive the sector forward with digital innovations that grow the capacity of NFP's, the volume of volunteers and the impact of every donated dollar.

Cloud based solutions.

Fully integrated platform.

Designed for and with NFP's.

Social Purpose Driven.